Witchcraft murder: AP teacher couple arrested for allegedly murdering their daughters

Witchcraft murder: AP teacher couple arrested for allegedly murdering their daughters

V Padmaja and Dr V Purushotham Naidu killed their children Alekhya and Sai Divya claiming that they sacrificed their daughters as the Kali Yuga was going to end and they would be reborn soon

In the sensational Madanapalli murder where two women, Sai Divya and Alekhya, were allegedly killed by their mother, the Andhra Pradesh police have reportedly collected crucial evidence such as CCTV footage and computers from the crime scene. The police suspect the involvement of others in the murder and claim that the murders were pre-planned.

Just before the lockdown, teacher couple V Padmaja and her husband Dr V Purushotham Naidu, both natives of Chittoor, had moved into their new house.

A few days before the incident, Alekhya had shared some suspicious posts on social media. On January 22, Alekhya wrote on her Facebook, “Islam is dead. Muslims are gone. Mohammad is in Halahal #ShivaSpeaks (sic)” and on January 21, she wrote “Work is done” and “Shiva is coming”.

In an earlier Facebook post, she wrote Sadhguru’s quote on death and birth.

According to reports, the couple made their daughters enter a trance like state. After performing the rituals on Sunday, the couple allegedly killed their daughters. After committing the crime, Purushotham Naidu is said to have told his colleague, Raju, about the incident.

The couple has been arrested for murdering their daughters and their interrogation is on, said DSP Ravimanohara Chary.

It is suspected that the highly educated yet extremely superstitious parents believed that their daughters were possessed by an evil spirit. According to neighbours, the girls were made to circumambulate the house as part of a superstitious ritual.

Sai Divya and Alekhya
Sai Divya and AlekhyaInstagram

Reportedly, Padmaja admits that they were spiritual and believed in spiritual practices. She even claims that they have done all the required practices from last one week. The couple even claims that they had performed some rituals earlier and had seen ‘results.’ And even Padmaja reportedly claims that ‘their daughters were alive for an hour even after their heads were broken and this proves that the things are working.’

During the lockdown, the girls had returned home and no one was allowed inside the house, even the maid. The parents reportedly told the police that they could revive their daughters if they were given time. Few of the sisters’ friends also reported that they felt several behavioural changes in them.

Dr V Purushotham Naidu is a professor of Chemistry and Vice-Principal at the Government Girls’ Degree College in Madanapalle, while V Padmaja was a gold medallist and post graduate in Mathematics working at an IIT coaching institute. Their eldest daughter 27-year-old Alekhya was an MBA graduate, while the youngest daughter 21-year-old Sai Divya had completed her BBA and was a student of AR Rahman Music School in Mumbai. The investigation is underway.

This is not for the first time that India is witnessing a similar incident. In 2019, based on a ‘God man’s’ advice, a science teacher and his family allegedly tried to sacrifice a three-year-old girl in Assam’s Udalguri district.

In another incident, in Kerala, Krishnan, who owned a rubber plantation, his wife Susheela and their children Arsha and Arjun went missing from Thodupuzha in 2018. Few days later, their bodies stacked in a pit behind their home was recovered. In a suspected witchcraft murder, police arrested Aneesh, the main accused who was trained in black magic. Aneesh was worried that his powers were not working and he feared that Krishnan, his teacher, would have taken it back. He was conspiring along with an accomplice Lijin for around six months to kill Krishnan to get back his powers.

Witchcraft murder: AP teacher couple arrested for allegedly murdering their daughters
Witchcraft murder: Teacher couple kills daughters in Andhra Pradesh
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