Kerala elections: UDF doesn't need Karl Marx’s book to solve people's problems, says Rahul Gandhi

The Wayanad MP also said that Kerala can show direction to India through brotherhood, history, tradition and respect for women in the state
Kerala elections: UDF doesn't need Karl Marx’s book to solve people's problems, says Rahul Gandhi

Senior Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi said that the United Democratic Front (UDF) does not have to look at Karl Marx’s book to solve the people's problems. “We look to you to find these solutions. We ask you to tell us what you want us to do. We appeal to the intelligence of the people of Kerala,” he said during a corner meet at Koyilandy in Kozhikode.

Rahul arrived in Kerala to continue his campaigning for the UDF, with the state going to polls just days away.

Rahul also said that the progress people see in India because of the public and the Congress party. “Whatever progress you see in India today, whichever institution you see in the country, have all come out of Congress ideology,” he said, adding, “The success of India so far has come as a result of the work of the people of India, the Congress party and formations like the UDF.”

Having spent time with fishermen, Rahul understood the ordeal they go through. “I am aware of many fishermen in this religion and I understand what you are going through went you venture into the sea. You have no idea about your future. You don’t know whether you will catch fish or not. Sometimes you don’t know whether you will return. It is not fair for fishermen, farmers and labours to live in this condition," he said, adding that while the fishermen are going out to the sea, the LDF government is making a deal with those trying to destroy the fisherman’s livelihood.

Kerala elections: UDF doesn't need Karl Marx’s book to solve people's problems, says Rahul Gandhi
Kerala Assembly polls: Don’t let the Left, RSS ideologies damage future of state, says Rahul Gandhi

He slammed the LDF government for stabbing the people over the EMCC deal. “Interestingly, if the LDF wanted to make such a deal, they should have done it openly. They should have approached the fishermen and said the government is making this deal with this American company. There is a difference between someone who stabs you from the front and people who stab you from the back. Through the EMCC deal, the LDF government silently tried to stab you in the back,” he said.

Rahul said the UDF wants to provide opportunities for the children of farmers, fishermen and labourers. “The UDF believes that we must start the economy urgently and create jobs for people of the state. So farmers, fishermen and labourer have options for their children. We are not against a fisherman’s child wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, but we would like to give the child different opportunities and options,” he said.

Kerala elections: UDF doesn't need Karl Marx’s book to solve people's problems, says Rahul Gandhi
Nyaay scheme plans to vitalise economy and not just welfare: Rahul Gandhi addresses election events

Rahul also slammed the LDF government over the current condition of Kerala’s economy, saying the biggest problems that Kerala and India are facing is unemployment and the economy that is not moving. “The state’s economy is like a boat in the middle of the sea without fuel. The CM keeps trying to start the engine, but nothing happens. Sometimes he opens Karl Marx’s book to look for answers. but the book has no answer,” he said, slamming the LDF government.

“The fuel for the economy is the money in the hands of the public. The UDF will put a “massive amount of fuel” into the economy. The idea is called Nyay Yojana. Every farmer, fisherman and labourer must understand the revolutionary idea that the UDF is going to attempt,” Rahul said, adding that the UDF is guaranteeing minimum income for every person in Kerala.

Kerala elections: UDF doesn't need Karl Marx’s book to solve people's problems, says Rahul Gandhi
UDF’s manifesto promises Nyay scheme, a way to eradicate poverty in Kerala

Rahul came prepared with a plan as to how the UDF will start the economy. “Millions of people in Kerala will have money in their pocket through Nyay. These people would then buy different items from shops, which would lead to a massive demand for those products. When there is a massive demand for products, people will start producing those products. Closed factories will open and manufacture things that you are buying and thus creating employment for youths. This is how the economy will move forward,” Rahul said.

He said the Nyay Yojana would solve three problems. “Firstly, it will solve poverty problems. There would be no poor people in Kerala after Nyay Yojana. Secondly, it will solve unemployment and third, the economic problem in the state,” he said.

Rahul also said that he is excited about Kerala’s future. “We know Kerala can show direction to India. Your spirit of brotherhood, history and tradition, your respect towards women can give direction to India. Through Kerala, we are going to show India that unity will defeat division every single time,” he said.

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