Diary of a travel buff

Niranjan R pens his travel experiences in his blog 'Tales of A Nomad'
Diary of a travel buff
The interior of a Chettinadu mansionNiranjan R

Niranjan R is a firm believer that life is a travelogue and we are all but nomads. A Bangalore-based travel blogger, Niranjan first started entering his blog ‘Tales of Nomad’ like a diary in 2009.

“The posts were irregular and it was just a means for me to jot down my travel experiences,” says Niranjan, who recalls Varkala, being the first place, he wrote on.

“I visited the place in 2009 and it wasn’t so crowded or a popular destination then. With just a handful of shacks along the beach, it had a laid-back Goa-ish feel to the place. I fell in love with view from the cliff.”

However, as his wanderlust grew, his posts became more frequent and soon he gave up his job in the real estate industry and decided to devote his life to travel blogging. His blog, which started with just a handful of readers in 2009, has brought in around 1,700 followers on Facebook, close to 1,740 followers on Instagram and 1,438 on Twitter.

Niranjan, who hails from Kochi, chuckles as he says: “I no longer know if I am travelling to write or write to travel. I do however, know that I write so that others will be inspired to visit the destinations I have visited and enjoy the experiences, be it culture, architecture or history, I have.”

Each trip is well planned. “I do a detailed research about the place, learn about it’s must-see sites, cultural experiences, local food et al. And although I make an itinerary, I keep it flexible so that I can squeeze in local places or suggestions by the locals,” says Niranjan, who has been listed as one of the top influential Indian bloggers by websites such as Whizsky, Travel Triangle, Brandloom and Pick Your Trail.

A staunch backpacker, the blogger, who has done “numerous family trips, package tours and group travels,” backpacking he says, helps you break away from the beaten-to-death tourist itineraries. “I feel one is able to experience the land and it’s people better.”

Niranjan R
Niranjan RSpecial arrangement

The 39-year-old who has travelled “more or less across the land” on his motorcycle and flown to countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy and Maldives, Spiti Valley in Himachal, Chettinad in Tamil Nadu and Florence in Italy are some of the destinations he found delightful. “I loved the landscape in Spiti, the architecture of the Chettinad mansions and the culture, art and architecture at Florence.”

Although the pandemic has put a dampener on his travel plans, Niranjan hits the road whenever he can on his motorcycle. “I visit places in and around Bangalore. I have discovered places such Skandagiri, Siddara Betta and Ramadevara betta. These are nice places to hike around Bangalore. Not only do they offer panoramic views, you can also breath in fresh air. Ramadevara betta is home to the only vulture sanctuary in India,” says Niranjan, who enjoys trekking and camping.

The avid biker plans to ride down to Agumbe next. “You can read about it soon,” he grins.

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