Pick the right 'sound' to skip your Zoom call

Zoom Escaper creates fake sounds such as a baby crying and a dog barking for those seeking to escape online meetings
For representational purpose
For representational purpose

Bored of attending Zoom meetings all day? If you’ve had enough Zoom meetings for the day and are looking for an excuse to skip the next call, here comes an app that will create natural sounds such as a crying baby, a barking dog, choppy audio, construction noises, echo sounds and more, so that you can escape the meetings with a reasonable excuse.

Zoom Escaper, created by Sam Lavigne, is an easy-to-use free widget that lets you add fake audio sounds to your call so that you have a reasonable excuse to leave an online meeting and escape. There are several sounds you can choose from such as barking dogs, an upset baby, construction noise or even bad connection sounds so that you can leave the call without rousing any suspicion. All you need to do is download an additional audio software call VB-Audio that can route audio through the website. Select audio input in Zoom or any other online meeting client from your microphone to VB-Audio and then play the audio effects. And while, you can’t really hear the sound effects yourself, it is said to work according to users.

Lavigne has also introduced Zoom Deleter, a small programme that runs in your menu bar or system tray.

"It continually checks for the presence of Zoom on your computer, and if found, immediately deletes it."

According to Lavigne such apps are meant for "deliberate slowdown, reducing productivity and output, self-sabotage, etc".

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