Pearle Maaney's birthday tribute to her mother

The actress says she wants to be "like my mom to my children"
Pearle Maaney
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Pearle Maaney paid tribute to her mother, Molly, on her birthday. “Happiest Birthday to my Biggest and Greatest Teacher. When I was a little girl I was always Daddy’s Girl because daddy always said yes to everything and mom was always strict 😀 but as I started growing older I started to become mommy’s girl. I knew I could tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge me. Now we are a Team! She is my best friend and my biggest strength. She herself is so strong and yet she is the most silent in our family. She has always supported me in a very subtle way but also never pampered me. She made me independent but when it comes to my mom... she will always be my weakness. ❤️ My mom My World ❤️ I’m sure @rachel_maaney would agree with me when I say this... “I want to be like my mom to my children... she is the best mother a child could ever have,” wrote a heavily pregnant Pearle on her Instagram page.

Recently Pearle and her husband, Srinish Aravind, announced when their baby was due – March 23 - on Pearle’s YouTube channel. From going on a long walk with her father to dancing her heart out at a friend's wedding, Pearle Maaney is enjoying and sharing every bit of her pregnancy phase. The stunner has been updating her fans about everything on social media through photos and videos.

Pearle Maaney's sister, Rachel, had hosted a grand baby shower for her in January and the photos lit up the Internet. Pearle had shared a few photos from the baby shower party and thanked her sister for being a perfect host. She wrote on Instagram, "So this post is all about my little sister who has been happiest since she got to know I was pregnant... she has been extremely nice to me... she makes sure I’m always comfortable and she is great at surprising me. For past 2 months she has been planning this baby shower and it’s not easy to pull of something like this during a pandemic. She tried to bring most of my friends to this event and she created the most colourful baby shower ever! I felt like I was in a dream when I entered the room and happy tears rolled down my cheeks... Now Tell me... how lucky am I to get a sister like Miss @rachel_maaney."

The mommy-to-be recently shared an adorable photo of herself flaunting a baby bump in a white summer dress, with a post stating she was thinking of food.

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