Woman kills polygamous husband in Nagpur

Meanwhile, in Delhi, a woman convinces lover to shoot husband
For representational purpose
For representational purpose

A woman has been arrested in Nagpur for allegedly killing her husband who had four other wives. Swati Laxman Malik (28), the accused, was the fifth wife of victim Laxman Ramlal Malik (65), a resident of Jaripatka, police said.

According to the police, Laxman had disowned his son from Swati as he suspected her of infidelity. Laxman had apparently left home and was staying at his friend’s office. On Monday, Swati allegedly met him there. They got physically intimate, after which she supposedly slit his throat with a knife.

After learning from a taxi driver that he had dropped Swati outside Laxman's place on Monday, police grilled her and she confessed to the crime, an official said. The two used to have disputes over money, he added.

According to police, Laxman, who retired as sanitation worker from a hospital, did not get along with any of his wives or children.

Meanwhile in New Delhi, the police have arrested a 41-year-old woman for conspiring with a person, with whom she was allegedly having an affair, to kill her husband who was shot at in South Delhi's Defence Colony area. The victim, a contractual driver with BSES Rajdhani Power, survived the gunshot to his neck.

The police on Friday arrested the woman, identified as Babita, and her partner, 23-year-old Rohan, who attacked her husband, the 45-year-old Bhimraj, a resident of Chirag Delhi.

The incident took place at around 9 in the morning when police received a call that a motorcycle rider had shot at a person who was inside a car near the electricity grid in Defence Colony's Andrews Ganj.

The CCTV footage recovered by the police from the area of the crime showed the bike used by the attacker.

After the police tracked down the registration number, they used the linked insurance details to approach a resident of the Rana Pratap Nagar area.

That man, however, said he had sold the bike to one Lakhan, who, in turn, led the police to Rohan.

According to the police, Rohan had tried to mislead the police.He claimed that he had been involved in a confrontation with Bhimraj in a road rage incident a few days ago, which eventually led to the attack.

The investigating officers, however, doubted his claims after going through his and the victim's call records. Further questioning unfolded the actual story, the police said.

"The victim allegedly started beating her wife (accused) after he caught her red-handed with her boyfriend on January 1,” said the police. She, in turn, asked Rohan to kill him so that they could unite, the police added. On her instigation, he bought a country-made firearm and ammunition and carried out the attack.

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