What happens if Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House?

As Joe Biden wins the Presidential election, Trump has claimed foul play and refused to leave the White House, which already has a protocol in place
What happens if Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House?

On the early morning of March 4, 1801, the United States of America’s second President John Adams silently left the capital under the guise of darkness. Adams refused to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Thomas Jefferson who won the popular mandate in the election held in 1800. In the beginning of the 19th century with Adams’ departure, the US would start its first-ever peaceful transfer of power and begin a set of protocols that have been in effect even today.

With Donald Trump claiming that the only way he could lose the election is if it was rigged, and threatening to not leave the post, people are anxious to know what happens next. Much as the human body has its protocols in case of threats, the US system follows the midday of January 20 protocol. On the midday of January 20, Trump’s life as the President will come to an end and Joe Biden will swear-in as the next one. At that moment, all state machinery will cease to listen to Trump. This is a reflexive nature of the Presidential transition of power, and it avoids the kind of conflicts that Trump’s Twitter feed imagines.

What happens if Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House?
Joe Biden encourages co-operation while Kamala Harris emphasise the historic mandate

Long before the swearing-in, the United States Secret Service and other Federal agencies begin to brief the party presidential candidates. The candidates will have to form a team and then decide on an action plan. Meanwhile, as the election proceeds and the counting starts, the Secret Service at its own discretion will begin to increase security for the likely candidate (not counting the incumbent). As soon as the winner is declared, a larger team comprising of military intelligence and senior officers of departments will begin the transfer of confidential intelligence to the new President.

However, the larger transfer happens in January. At this point, the Secret Service, who is in charge of the White House security as well as the protection of the Presidential team, begins the process of transferring out the incumbent. Whether Trump likes it or not, the Secret Service will escort him and his family outside. He will have some protection, but the team will move on to the next one. The Congress and the Senate, regardless of their political affiliation, will have to accept the people’s mandate and they will support Biden’s status.

This is the same for other agencies as well. On the midday, all agencies will direct their attention to Biden after removing Trump’s status as the Commander-in-Chief. They will stop all communication with Trump to avoid leakage of confidential information. The FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, the White House staff as well as every other agency will direct their attention and communication with Biden. This is also same for the status of the First Lady of The United States. She is the hostess of the White House and that status will transfer from Melania Trump to Jill Biden.

The officials will remove Trump’s biometric authentication and will add Biden’s to the ‘Football’, which is always carried alongside the President. It helps confirm his identity and confirm with the Pentagon, the defence headquarters. All of this points to the organic transfer of power that John Adams inadvertently started with his pettiness, which the likes of Donald Trump cannot deny. Whether or not he likes it, the White House will leave Trump even if he decides to stay.

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