Was the coronavirus an attempt at removing Trump from power? Some theorists believe so

A few political strategists believe that the coronavirus was a deliberate attempt at keeping the incumbent Trump from winning the election so that his right-wing politics doesn’t shake up the system
Was the coronavirus an attempt at removing Trump from power? Some theorists believe so

The Corona pandemic did a lot of things. It changed the way we see inequality, the functioning of economic systems, how workplaces existed, how the medical system worked, insurance policies, education, mental health, and many more changes. The Covid-19 started from Wuhan in China and established itself in various parts of the globe. While nations thought they got rid of it, it came back stronger. Scientists are discovering more mutations, different variants, and this is problematic since there are not permanent antibodies and no vaccine.

However, the latest accusation against Corona is that it cost Trump his re-election chance. Well, technically how the media presented the pandemic. In its beginning, Donald Trump had claimed that the coronavirus pandemic had been no more dangerous than the flu, and a few months later, he would go on to say that the flu killed more people. Almost a year later, the United States of America is the worst affected nation closely followed by India, even though the latter is improving.

Some political strategists are of the opinion that the coronavirus was a deliberate attempt at discrediting and removing Trump from the presidency. Such theorists believe that if Trump had returned to power, it would destabilise many nations and the economic structures of the world. And so, in order to make sure that never happened, the theorists claim that the coronavirus was used to target the USA and negatively affect the Trump government. Trump had refused to attend the urgency of the matter, and in fact, even after testing positive, he had arrived at the White House without wearing a mask just a few short days after. The conspiracy theorists say that if it had not been for the media, then the corona pandemic wouldn’t have been such a crisis that resulted in Trump losing the elections. All a ruse to throw Trump out of power, they allege.

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