US Secret Service sends more agents as Biden closes in on Presidential victory

A victory is Georgia or Pennsylvania, both places where he is leading, will help Biden become the next US President
US Secret Service sends more agents as Biden closes in on Presidential victory

With Democrat candidate Joe Biden inching closer to becoming the president elect, more US Secret Service (USSS) agents have been sent to Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden is currently stationed.

In order to understand as to why more agents are being sent is because once a candidate wins a presidential election, the USSS detail for a president-elect gets bigger. Additional airspace security measures are also implemented. A team for Biden has been on standby since last week.

Biden is six Electoral College votes away from winning the presidency, and has taken the lead in three crucial states — Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada — any one of which would help him become the next resident of the White House. According to Associated Press, Biden has 264 votes and currently he needs 270 to win the presidency, as the agency had called Arizona for Biden two days ago.

Meanwhile, Gwinnet County spokesman Joe Sorenson said the county has finished counting more than 4,000 absentee ballots. He said they would key in those results starting at 8 am US ET. Gwinnet is northeast of Atlanta and is the second most populous county in the state. Biden has taken a narrow lead in Georgia with 99% of the state vote count reported. The state has 16 electoral votes.

President Donald Trump cannot get 270 electoral votes without Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump’s chances of re-election are highly unlikely with Biden having a lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The only swing state where Trump is leading currently is North Carolina. In Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, Biden has a slender lead. However, a win in any state would result in Biden becoming the next US President.

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