US Election 2020: Trump alleges fraud as Biden inches closer to victory

Protests grip various cities of America over ballot tallies. Arrests made in Portland, New York, Minneapolis and Denver
For representation purpose
For representation purpose

According to AP Votecast, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is getting closer to victory as he has 264 electoral votes. He needs a minimum of seven more votes (270 votes for majority) to become the 46th President of the United States of America.

President Donald Trump who currently has 214 electoral votes, first prematurely declared victory, accused the democrats of stealing the election without any proof, has filed multiple lawsuits and alleged fraud without evidence. He has already called for recounts of votes in an election where the winner is yet to be decided as votes are still being counted in several places.

If Biden wins Nevada, where he is leading over Trump by 7,647 votes, he wins the election. However, Trump is not far away from winning it either. If Trump wins Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, his electoral votes from 214 will go to 265 but will be five short of getting the majority. But if Nevada goes his way, Trump will become president for four more years. The race is far from over.

But now, news reports have come in stating that tensions are rising across the United States. About 200 Trump supporters, some armed with guns, have gathered outside an election office in Phoenix, Arizona, after rumors that votes were not being counted.

In Detroit, Michigan, officials blocked about 30 people from entering a vote-counting facility amid rumours that the vote count was fraudulent. Michigan is one of the swing states that was won by Joe Biden.

On the other side, Anti-Trump protestors have demanded that vote counting must continue. So far, Police in Portland, Oregon, have arrested around 11 people and seized arms after reports of riots were brought to light. Even In New York, Denver and Minneapolis, arrests were made by police.

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