Tamil Nadu DMK candidates asks Narendra Modi to campaign for their opponent in Assembly elections

Kanyakumari Lok Sabha candidate Vijay Vasanth started the trend two days back, following which others have started asking Modi to campaign against them, as it will increase their victory margin
Tamil Nadu DMK candidates asks Narendra Modi to campaign for their opponent in Assembly elections

As the campaigns for the state assembly progresses in Tamil Nadu, national leaders make sure that they give it their all to woo voters. The BJP is pulling in the big guns, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman are some of the party’s major players campaigning in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and others as well.

However, it seems that the DMK candidates have turned Modi’s arrival to their advantage thanks to social media. Twitter was busy today with DMK candidates tweeting and asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit their constituency and campaign for their opposite candidates. They teased Modi by explaining that Modi's campaign against them will increase their chances of winning.

Tamilians’ dislike for Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well known. Whenever Modi is in the state, Tamil Nadu social media is busy with #GoBackModi. While he is the most sought after star campaigner in the northern states, Modi faces ire in the southern states, especially Tamil Nadu and Kerala. According to sources, many BJP candidates and members shy away from using the PM’s name while campaigning and thus use AIADMK flags for their campaigns and their leaders’ pictures.

That’s when Modi decided to tour Tamil Nadu today for the election campaign. Sensing the unpopular image Modi carries in this part of the country, DMK candidates were trolling Modi on Twitter. The tweets asked Modi to help them by campaigning against them. The trend started two days back by Kanyakumari Loksabha Congress candidate Vijay Vasanth.

On his #AskVijayVasanth campaign for his social media followers, a person asked about Modi’s visit to Kanyakumari and if it will affect the prospects of Congress. Vijay Vasanth replied by saying that he is awaiting the arrival of Modi which will help him increase his margin of victory.

Following this, other DMK candidates have begun to tweet, asking Narendra Modi to campaign against them. Here are some of them.

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