Saas-bahu conflict leads to SOS call to UP police

Meanwhile, man pushes wife of balcony for her open display of joy over mother-in-law’s death
For representational purpose
For representational purpose

Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur police were left stumped when they rushed to the site where they had received a SOS telephone call. A saas-bahu conflict was the reason behind the phone call. According to reports, a woman called the police after getting into an argument with her mother-in-law over food. The daughter-in-law was apparently served stale food by her mother-in-law and was falling sick often as a result. She also claimed that her mother in law would spend the entire day in front of the television.

The mother-in-law in however said that her daughter in law never assisted her in the kitchen and that she was constantly on her mobile phone.

The police officials managed to convince both sides to drop their complaints and resolve their conflict. The women were also warned against making frivolous complaints.

Meanwhile in Maharasthra, on March 13 a man killed his wife as he felt she was rejoicing the death of his mother. Subhangi Lokhande (35), was presumed to have committed suicide over the death of her mother-in-law Malathi Lokhande (70) on March 9. However, an investigation into the Shubhangi's death revealed that the young woman was murdered by her husband who was livid after she openly displayed joy at his mother's death, a police official said.

An enraged Sandeep threw her off the second floor balcony of their house on March 9, police said.

The accused, now in police custody, has confessed to the crime, the official said.

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