West Bengal polls: War of words continue between PM Modi and CM Mamata over state's development

PM Modi alleged that previous governments (Congress,Left and TMC) have stopped West Bengal from developing in the last 50-55 years
West Bengal polls: War of words continue between PM Modi and CM Mamata over state's development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee continue to exchange war of words ahead of Bengal Assembly elections due in a week.

During a rally in Kharagpur, Modi attacked Mamata for not allowing development schemes in West Bengal. “Didi (Mamata) stand like a wall before every developmental scheme,” he said.

Modi claimed that the state governments have not let Bengal develop for 55 years. He made a rather bizarre comparison between Bengal’s situation and the breakdown of social media giants Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on Friday.

“Yesterday WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook broke down for 50-55 minutes, everybody got worried. But in West Bengal, development and dreams have been down for 50-55 years. First, the Congress government, then Left, and now Trinamool Congress has blocked Bengal’s development,” Modi alleged.

Modi said that voters must give BJP the chance to free Bengal from the “destruction” of the past governments. “You have seen destruction by Congress and the Left. Now, TMC has ruined your dreams. In the last 70 years, you gave opportunities to everyone but give BJP five years and we will free Bengal from the 70 years of destruction,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said he was confident that the BJP will form the government in West Bengal based on the crowd attending his rally. “Bengal mein iss baar BJP sarkar (This time it will be a BJP government in West Bengal). BJP government is necessary for the flourishing future,” Modi said.

Meanwhile, the West Bengal Chief Minister continued her attack on the BJP and Prime Minister Modi from a wheelchair at a public meeting in Haldia. Mamata said the Prime Minister has destroyed the economy of the country.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has destroyed the economy of India. From note bandi (demonetization) to bank bandi (closing of banks),” Mamata said, alleging that the BJP may soon say to sell Haldia port in West Bengal. If a common man steals Rs 500 then he is called a ‘tolabaaz’. Then what shall we call the BJP government who stole crores of Rupees? ‘Tolabaaz’s feudal landlord’? If BJP stays in power for a long time, they will sell the country as well,” she added.

Mamata retorted back at the BJP over development allegations raised by PM Modi. “BJP come here and tell there is no development in Bengal. What has happened in Delhi? ‘Laddoo’,” she asked.

The West Bengal Chief Minister also went to insult the saffron party. “Is BJP a political party? It is a disgusting party in India. Even women in BJP are not safe in the party,” Mamata alleged.

West Bengal goes to polls on March 27, but the BJP has not yet announced the Chief Ministerial candidate while the TMC has made it clear that Mamata will be their candidate. According to reports, the BJP will release their manifesto for the upcoming elections on Sunday.

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