West Bengal elections: Suvendu calls Mamata Banerjee “queen of rigging”; denies rift in BJP

Suvnedu alleged that Mamata is misusing administration, police and using “intruders and Pakistanis”. He also claimed that the state police is a mute spectator
Suvendu Adhikari
Suvendu Adhikari@SuvenduWB

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Suvendu Adhikari called West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as “queen of rigging” after the latter accused the saffron party of ‘rigging’ the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

“The queen of rigging is saying that vote-rigging will take place. The (West Bengal) election will happen democratically and that is why she is disturbed,” Suvendu said. He alleged that Mamata is misusing administration, police and is using “intruders and Pakistanis” and also alleged that the state police is a mute spectator. “But the people are with us,” Suvendu told a leading news agency.

Suvendu also dismissed Mamata’s bold statement of winning the 2024 Lok Sabha election and removing the BJP from the Centre. “She said the same thing before the 2019 elections and spoke about a united India. The more she talks, the more seats will go to Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said.

On Thursday, the West Bengal Chief Minister claimed at a rally that TMC will bring a change in New Delhi. “Next, we would bring poribortan (change) in New Delhi. The moment we win the Bengal elections, we will jump for Delhi. They know that if Mamata wins in Bengal, it would prove to be a huge threat to them because she may come to Delhi and form an alternative force along with other parties,” Mamata said.

Meanwhile, Suvendu has dismissed the rift between old and new Bengal BJP members over tickets. A few days ago, many BJP workers protested against the party over the fielding of many former TMC members as BJP candidates. According to reports, many BJP supporters protested outside the BJP office in Kolkata and going to the extent of heckling senior leaders such as Mukul Roy, Shiv Prakash and Arjun Singh. Some protestors even tried removing barricades set up by the police to prevent the mob from entering the BJP buildings.

There are reports that several BJP workers ransacked BJP offices in districts of West Bengal over the move. Many BJP leaders are also unhappy after being denied a ticket in the upcoming polls with several likely to join other political parties or become independent candidates. Reportedly, the rebel BJP workers and supporters may field independent candidates and ensure their victory over former TMC turned BJP candidates.

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