Video of Rahul Gandhi taking push-up challenge in Tamil Nadu goes viral

The Wayanad MP demonstrated his physical strength in a viral video where he is doing push-ups with a school student of St Joseph’s Matriculation School in Tamil Nadu
Rahul Gandhi doing push-ups with Merolin Shenigha
Rahul Gandhi doing push-ups with Merolin ShenighaInstagram

Ahead of the Assembly polls in several states, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is doing everything in his power to connect with the common man. After jumping into the sea with a few fishermen in Kerala, the Wayanad MP demonstrated his physical strength in a now-viral video where he is doing push-ups with a school student.

During a visit to St Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Mulagumoodu in Tamil Nadu, Merolin Shenigha, a class 10 Judo enthusiast, asked Rahul if he could do 15 push-ups. Rahul smiled, handed over the mike and began doing push-ups along with Merolin.

The crowd assembled at the school cheered as Merolin and the Congress leader started doing push-ups. Though Rahul pauses, Merolin continues doing push-ups. Impressed by the young Athlete’s strength, Rahul took the mike and declared her the winner. The Congress leader also showed how fit he is at 50 years when he did push-ups with one hand.

In an earlier picture, Rahul showed he had a boxer’s abs after swimming in the Arabian Sea with Kerala fishermen. Boxer Vijender Singh was highly impressed and complimented the senior Congress leader calling him a ‘daring young fit and people’s leader’.

It is more than just doing push-ups. Rahul agreeing to do push-ups without any advanced notice shows that he is willing to try and never backs down from a challenge. The Congress leader also showed humility when a student asked him if he could do push-ups. We have seen how some leaders cannot even answer a tough question and have rebuked people who have stood up to them. However, Rahul isn’t afraid. He has been open and found means and ways to connect with people. During his tour to Kerala last week, the Congress president unannounced jumped into the lake with a few fishermen and went for a swim with them. He spent time with them, asked them about their work, their challenges and even had breakfast with them while the fishermen were fishing in the Arabian Sea. It shows how compassionate and humble a leader he is.

Rahul Gandhi doing push-ups with Merolin Shenigha
YouTube channel Fishing Freaks’ video of Rahul Gandhi diving into the sea with fisherfolk goes viral

Often, the right-wing supporters have trolled Rahul for what he says and does, unlike some leaders, Rahul can tolerate hate and is not deterred by it, unlike some “strong” leaders. Rahul has found a way to connect with people and makes sure it is not about himself. When the Kollam fishermen were talking about their troubles, Rahul sat there silently and listened to their problems. He asked them several questions instead of “educating them”. He is willing to hear people’s problems and needs, unlike some “strong” leaders.

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