A Black Day: Clashes between farmers and police marks India’s Republic Day

While several police officers and farmers are injured, one farmer lost his life in the violence that is taking place in the heart of the nation’s capital
One of the protesting farmers hoisting two flags on an empty poll at the Red Fort in New Delhi
One of the protesting farmers hoisting two flags on an empty poll at the Red Fort in New DelhiTwitter

On India's 72nd Republic Day, the focus was not completely on the Republic Day parade that citizens wait eagerly to witness in the comfort of their homes. Rather, the focus was on the farmer’s tractor parade taking place on the borders of Delhi this year.

On an auspicious day like today, the world is witnessing a revolution in India as angry farmers marched into the nation’s capital. Some were seen carrying sticks, some with swords, while many walked with the National flag in hand.

However, the police welcomed these farmers with roadblocks, tear gas and lathicharge. Farmers were not deterred by the welcome and instead clashed with the Delhi Police throwing tear gas shells back at the police. Several police officers and farmers are left injured and, unfortunately, one farmer lost his life in the violence. This is a black day in our country’s history.

As the farmers continued marching forward despite deviating from the agreed routes, they entered the Red Fort. Police are trying to convince the protesting farmers to leave the Red Fort, however, the farmers made it clear that they will not leave Delhi until the Centre repeals the three contentious farm laws and things are getting worst again.

Farmers at the Red Fort in New Delhi
Farmers at the Red Fort in New DelhiTwitter

Families sitting in the comfort of their homes are watching these unprecedented events unfold before them in disbelief. Parents in their 60s and 70s have never seen a protest or a ‘parade’ of this magnitude taking place on Republic Day or any other day in the country’s history. Some have called today's events as sad and unfortunate as the the confrontation between farmers and the police became violent.

However, many are forgetting that since November 26, 2020, the farmers have been protesting peacefully despite the cold weather and the police lathicharge. Seems like they have had enough and are demanding the central government to repeal the three laws. The tractor parade has struck a chord with the youth as many students came out in support of the farmers.

While Delhi Police, farmers’ union leaders and political leaders have called for peace, clashes between police and farmers are continuing to erupt in parts of Delhi. Surprisingly, Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait and other farmers' union leaders are blaming miscreants for causing violence in Delhi.

With everything taking place in Delhi today, it is still unclear if the farmers’ wrath has reached the ears of the government as neither the Prime Minister nor the President has uttered a single word on the violence taking place. The Prime Minister must talk to these protesting farmers and find a solution to the problem. Violence will not help in solving the problem. It will worsen the situation further, thus leaving a black mark on the country on its 72nd Republic Day.

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