Mumbai Police’s quirky anti-drug tweet is hilarious, goes viral

Earlier, the Mumbai Police had posted a psychedelic post saying #SayNoToDrugs by combining social distancing and long trips
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The Mumbai Police is known for their witty Twitter posts. In their latest tweet, the Mumbai Police has outdone themselves by combining the announcement of Mount Everest’s new height with the #SayNoToDrugs campaign.

These tweets aren’t merely witty or cheeky; they contain some really hard-hitting messages too. In order to create awareness against the use of drugs, the Mumbai Police shared an image of Mount Everest along with a witty caption stating that only Mount Everest can get away with getting high. With just two hashtags #SayNoToDrugs and #HoshMeinAao, the tweet has gathered nearly 900 likes and tons of comments from people.

The sarcastic yet insightful post received impressive praise for its awareness attempt. A Twitter user wrote, “You always have an intellectual reply guys. Proud of your services and commitment and we can feel it.” Some others wrote, “Smart metaphor” and “Good one.”

On Tuesday, China and Nepal announced that the world’s highest peak is officially now equal to 8,848.86 meters or 29,031.69 feet above the sea level. During a joint news conference, Chinese and Nepalese officials based in Beijing and Kathmandu, announced a revision to the height of Mount Everest.

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Mount Everest reaches new height, announce China and Nepal

In an earlier #SayNoToDrugs post, the Mumbai Police had combined social distancing, which the Twitterati responded to with humour.

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