Milind Soman's workout with a watermelon goes viral, wife's post on 'learning to just be' trends

Milind has designated Sunday as no-phone day saying that 36 hours without gadgets is refreshing and stress-free
Milind Soman
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Actor-model Milind Soman, who recently battled Covid-19, is currently spending time with nature to assist his recovery. The 55-year-old, in his recent Instagram post, gave us a glimpse of his exercise routine and his mantra to stay away from stress. According to the actor, he has designated Sunday as no-phone day saying that 36 hours without gadgets is refreshing and stress-free. He shared his message on Instagram on Monday and also posted a video of himself exercising with a watermelon. He did two core-strengthening exercises using the watermelon as a weight ball. There is also a picture of himself planting a kiss on the fruit.

“Sunday is now designated as no phone day. 36 hours without any gadgets is refreshing! And stress-free. Stress is known to weaken the immune system, so try to stay away from things that stress you out unnecessarily. Along with stress management, a little bit of exercise and simple food go a long way to keep you healthy and your immune system strong,” he said.

Hinting at his watermelon workout, he added, "Even if you mix up your exercise with your food!"

In a previous post, the Ironman is seen exercising with a pair of mudgars. He wrote, “Feels like l've most completely recovered. Will be ready to donate plasma in another 10 days. Blood plasma from people who have recovered from covid19 can help save lives.”

Meanwhile the Bajirao Mastani actor admits to having found solace in nature while recuperating from his battle with Covid-19. Whilst sharing a selfie, he confessed, "Back to social distancing in the wild. enough of cities for the moment! I've had my tryst with covid, don't want a repeat. I know people who haven't stepped out of their houses in over a year, don't want that either, so much, much, much better to live in the forest, enjoy the birdsong, and try to grow whatever food is possible. It may not be glamorous but never felt so much at home... Nature is amazing, you've got to respect that."

Meanwhile, Ankita Konwar, Milind’s wife recently shared an adorable picture of herself smiling at the camera with the caption, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness (sic).” Another recent post of hers went trending. In the picture, she donned a camisole top with mauve-pink shorts and basic flats, practising a yoga posture known as ‘Chakrasana’. She wrote, “Everything is, as it is.
It’s often our expectations and perceptions that hurt us.
Times like these, one is going to feel helpless but the only thing that’s always under our control is our actions and reactions to the situations around us. Of course we are all scared but fear is one of the worse things you can help spread. Take care of yourselves I’m just learning to be.”

Ankita and Milind never miss a chance to inspire their followers to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. They often share fitness videos and motivational posts on their social media handles.

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