Meet the Farmers: Narendra Singh Tomar offers MSP in farm bills, Farmers refuse to budge

The protestors emphasised on their stand that they will not back out until the government repeal the three farm laws and bring out another bill for MSP
Meet the Farmers: Narendra Singh Tomar offers MSP in farm bills, Farmers refuse to budge

Walking into their meeting with the protesting farmers, the Union Ministers had expected that the protestors would adjust with at least a few of their demands. The political big wigs were however in for a surprise when the farmers informed them that they were unwilling to back down on the demands, and no form of “promises” and “claims” would be enough since they require the absolute withdrawal of the three controversial farm laws.

The meeting took place in Vigyan Bhavan with Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. He had stated that there were agriculture experts in the meeting who would explain the farm laws to the farmers. The farmers instead asked how they could pass these farm laws when the Agriculture Minister couldn’t explain it. While the minister was willing to include the promise of a Minimum Support Price in the three laws, the farmers claimed that they are not willing to budge in that regard. They want the three farm laws repealed, and the MSP brought into effect via a separate bill.

The farmers also demanded a full withdrawal of the three farm laws, a complete acceptance and implementation of the Swaminathan Commission report, and removal of cases that were filed against the protestors. With the meeting producing not many results, the minister has promised to consider the removal of cases against the protestors. However, the farmers replied that they would rather have action than promises and claims. Meanwhile, the representatives of the farmers also rejected the Centre’s offer of lunch and replied that they have food waiting at the protest site.

On the other hand, many from Congress have written to the speaker asking for a winter session to talk about the farmers' protest, economic troubles, and other problems.

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