Malayali turns local celebrity in Dubai; stops thief with his foot

Jaffer's timely intervention saved a fellow Indian from being robbed of Rs 80 lakh
For representation purpose
For representation purpose

A Malayali youth has become a hero amongst Gulf Malayalis when he foiled an attempted theft in Dubai. Jaffer was assisting at his relative’s juice when he heard someone cry out “Thief, somebody catch him.” Jaffer who went to check what the commotion was about saw the thief running towards him.

Sticking his foot out, he managed to trip the thief. The incident occurred at a gift shop near Baniyas Square. According to reports, Jaffer, with his timely intervention and quick thinking saved an Indian from losing Rs 80 lakh which he was going to deposit in the bank. Others soon gathered to help him nab the theif.

A football player, Jaffer says he felt tripping the thief would be better than running after him. Jaffer, who hails from Vadakkara, was a former driver at Al Ain. He recently shifted to Dubai in connection with a new job.

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