NRI Sikhs hold rallies abroad in solidarity of the Farmers’ protests in India

In the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom, many Sikhs took to the streets with signs against the three farms law introduced by the Modi government
Farmers in India have been protesting against the three farm laws since November 26
Farmers in India have been protesting against the three farm laws since November 26Twitter

The Farmers’ protests in India have reached foreign shores. Since December 5, thousands of Sikhs abroad, have taken to the streets demanding that the three farms laws must be repealed at the earliest. Many people around the world have condemned the farm laws, and the rise of these worldwide protests is a clear message to the Modi government.

American Sikhs have held peaceful protests in California, Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, Michigan, New York and Houston. A large community of Indians, especially Sikhs have settled abroad. Demonstrations were also held in Canada, a country with a huge Sikh population. Many Mexicans and Americans joined these protests, standing in solidarity with the Indian farmers. The protestors gathered outside the Indian Consulates in several American cities to protest against the farm laws.

Indiana based Gurinder Singh Khalsa said that the farmers are the soul of any nation and we must protect them. “People around the world, including many cities in the US and Canada, have come together to dispose of the bills that will open India’s agricultural market to the private sector; allowing major corporations to take over independent farming communities and dilute crops’ market value,” he told new agencies.

Jakara Movement, a Sikh American non-profit organization, were instrumental in organizing the car rallies in seven cities of California. According to reports, thousands of protestors heading towards the Indian Consulate in San Francisco blocked traffic for several hours on the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. Many commuters were severely affected by this block.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, thousands of British Sikhs were seen protesting outside the Indian Embassy located in Aldwych, Central London. Several police officers asked the protestors to disband, fearing the spread of the Covid-19 infection. As per reports, several demonstrators have been arrested as the UK’s strict Covid protocol states that if 30 or more people assemble in a place, it can lead to arrests and fines.

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