Closing in on Presidential win Joe Biden has pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia

Several US TV news networks halted President Donald Trump's live coverage for spreading disinformation
For representation purpose
For representation purpose

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia by 917 votes. The former Vice President also closed the gap against Trump in the state of Pennsylvania. If Biden is able to win in the state of Georgia, he will be the first Democrat since 1992 to be victorious in the state.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia police said they were investigating an alleged plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Friday, where votes are being counted currently. Two men were detained by the Police from outside a Philadelphia polling station in Pennsylvania, one of the key battleground state yet to declare a winner in the presidential election.

Late on Thursday, several US TV news networks halted live coverage of President Donald Trump's first public appearance since election night after concluding that the President of the United States was spreading disinformation. Trump has been insisting that Democrats were using ‘illegal votes’ to ‘stealing the election from us’.

Trump has not been having a good time since the US election was underway with the latest being that he and his allies lost two lawsuits, one in Georgia and the other in Michigan. Trump’s allies pressed unsubstantiated claims of fraud as officials count ballots.

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