In his usual style, Trump concedes election, then retracts, and now claims victory

On Sunday, Donald Trump put out a tweet stating that President-elect Joe Biden won because elections were rigged
In his usual style, Trump concedes election, then retracts, and now claims victory

US President Donald Trump has once again stated that he won the election. In a tweet put out on Monday morning, Trump said, “I WON THE ELECTION! (Sic)”, with Twitter flagging it, and adding that official sources called this election differently. It shows that the US President is not going to concede anytime soon.

Trump has been on a tweetstorm since Sunday after he tweeted that Biden won because the election was rigged. Many saw this as the first instance of Trump acknowledging the fact that Biden won the election. Within minutes of this development, the hashtag #TrumpConcedes went viral. Probably, after being aware of the hashtag, Trump went on a Twitter barrage and stated that he conceded nothing. Trump went on to call the election rigged and lashed out at the media, calling them “the Fake News Media”.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, protests by Trump supporters at Washington DC turned bloody. It began when Trump supporters, who were protesting against the election being “stolen” from Trump, clashed with the Antifa supporters just a few blocks away from the White House on Saturday night. Trump took to Twitter, telling DC police to get going, do their job and not to hold back. The DC police have arrested over 20 people.

Trump called Antifa protestors scum and blamed them for attacking his supporters first. He lauded his enthusiasts on Twitter for fighting back the Antifa supporters. Many said that instead of condemning the violence, Trump was attacking one side for instigating the clashes and lauding the other side for fighting back.

Since the election, Twitter has been flagging most of Trump’s tweets about election and voter fraud. Many have been requesting Twitter to deactivate Trump’s handle.

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