Despite losing lawsuits, Donald Trump continues to cling onto courtrooms

Trump’s inner circle are acknowledging that efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential victory will be fruitless
Despite losing lawsuits, Donald Trump continues to cling onto courtrooms
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Donald Trump has given no indication that he is preparing to concede the US election. After prematurely declaring that he won the election, Trump’s campaign members have filed lawsuits in four crucial states — Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. According to the Associated Press, Trump has lost Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania to Biden and in Georgia, Trump is trailing behind Biden by around 10,000 votes.

However, Trump’s inner circle is acknowledging that efforts to overturn Biden’s presidential victory will be futile. Despite this, some advisers have urged the US President to pursue focused legal challenges, according to sources familiar with the matter. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, suggested the President to ask courts to ensure transparency around ongoing counts of ballots in several contested states, sources said.

Since the premature declaration of election victory, Trump has made it clear that he plans to explore all options to ensure legal votes are counted and votes the campaign contends are illegal are not, sources said. Trump and his team have been accused of making public allegations without any evidence of widespread irregularities in the election or illegal votes.

When Biden’s victory was called by the Associated Press and television networks, Trump was busy playing golf at his northern Virginia golf course on Saturday and returned on Sunday. Biden was called President-elect after the former Obama Vice President overtook Trump in Pennsylvania.

Hours before AP and news networks calling the election in Biden’s favour, Trump tweeted in all caps that he had won the election — “by a lot!” A claim Trump makes with no merit that’s been echoed by others in his orbit including personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Twitter promptly flagged his tweet, adding the message that official sources had not called the presidential race so far.

But bad news came in for the Trump campaign as several lawsuits have already been dismissed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan. Meanwhile, the Trump has campaigned is raising funds to fight legal battles. It will be interesting to see how things run up before January 2021.

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