Ganesh Kumar main accused in Solar Panel scam, claims Saranya Manoj Kumar

Manoj stated that Ganesh and his personal secretary kept pursuing the complainant to keep altering her statement for his benefit and later, spoke ill of her
Ganesh Kumar main accused in Solar Panel scam, claims Saranya Manoj Kumar

During a UDF election convention in Kollam on Saturday, former Kerala Congress leader Saranya Manoj said that MLA KB Ganesh Kumar is the main culprit in the 2013 Kerala solar panel scam.

“When Ganesh approached me to save him, I intervened in the case. Ganesh and his personal secretary would frequently influence the complainant into altering her statements, often for his benefit. However, later, Ganesh started speaking ill and wrote badly about her,” Manoj revealed. Manoj is Ganesh’s relative.

“Former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is innocent, and he is well aware of the truth. He did not say a thing even when the DYFI activists demonized him,” said Manoj, adding that Ganesh is responsible for this and is answerable to the almighty.

Manoj also stated that the sexual assault allegation was added to the complainant’s letter by Ganesh as the initial letter made no mention of it.
In response to Manoj’s claims about Ganesh being the first accused in the solar scam case, Chandy has said that everyone knows the truth, and it will come out eventually. “I don’t believe in vengeance. I have not mentioned anyone’s name and will not do so in the future either,” said the former Kerala CM.

Meanwhile, the complainant has come out against Manoj, stating that Manoj and others pressured her into changing her statements often while she was in jail.

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