Fugitive godman Nithyananda offers free three-day visa to Kailasa ‘country’, food, and accommodation

The controversial godman has started his own Hindu sovereign ‘country’ in the private island of Kailasa where he has his own governance and central bank set up
NithyanandaOfficial website

Controversial godman Nithyananda has announced that his ‘country’ Kailasa is inviting applications from interested people for a three-day visa. However, it has its caveats. You have to get to Australia on your own, and then from there, Kailasa has its own-chartered flight service — Garuda — to the private island. He ‘pleads’ the people to not ask for more than three days and only one 'darshan' per visit. The accommodation, food, and visa are free, and the only expense will be getting to Australia. He made the announcement via his social media account.

Nithyananda, who had established the Hindu religious organisation Nithyananda Dhyanapeedam, is a fugitive of India, and the police are actively looking to nab him for many cases including, but not limited to, kidnapping, rape, and child abuse. Following severe accusations in 2019, and not presenting for more than 50 hearings, Nithyananda escaped to his private island Kailasa.

Kailasa is a self-proclaimed Hindu country, and it apparently has its own governance with finance system, health, education, revenue, and information and broadcasting. In August the godman had announced establishing a central bank and starting their own currency — Kailashian dollars. He is also inviting other countries to participate in projects within Kailasa.

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