Domestic conflict at the root of murders in Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram

While a man killed his mother in a fit of rage over a domestic quarrel in Thiruvananthapuram, a woman in Kannur murdered her mother-in-law over the same
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For representation purpose

In a strange incident in Thiruvananthapuram, a 32-year-old man killed his 62-year-old mother in a fit of rage and later committed suicide. Vipin, a native of Neyyatinkara, killed his mother over an argument concerning his wife and according to the neighbours, such arguments were a norm in the household.

Vipin’s wife and child were not at home on the day of the murder. While his mother Mohana Kumari’s body was found lying on a bed in the house, Vipin’s was discovered hanging from a tree near the residence. According to a suicide note allegedly written by Vipin, he took the drastic step, as he wanted his wife to live in peace. According to police claims, Vipin is likely to have suffocated his mother to death. However, the officials added that an exact cause for death could only be determined after a post mortem.

Meanwhile, in Karikottakari in Kannur, a daughter-in-law killed her mother-in-law following a family quarrel last week. Elsie — wife of the victim’s eldest son Mathew — murdered Mariyakutty. According to the police report, Mariyakutty’s body was lying in a pool of blood inside her house last Wednesday. Mathew, a rubber tapper, had been out in the fields as part of his work, during the time of the murder. According to official claims, Elsie had called Mathew and informed of the incident involving his mother, but did not say that she murdered him. The initial police investigation suspected foul play and they had marked it as an unnatural incident.

Further investigation revealed that Elsie and Mariyakutty often got into arguments, and suspicion fell on the former. In subsequent questioning, Elsie revealed that she had killed Mariyakutty with a machete during one such argument. The latest reports claim that the police have arrested her and have begun further proceedings.

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