As Rajinikanth exits from politics, his political aide Arjunamurthy is set to launch new party

According to Ra Arjunamurthy, the new political party will implement Rajinikanth’s ideas of ushering a much needed change in the political and governance front in Tamil Nadu
Rajinikanth with Ra Arjunamurthy
Rajinikanth with Ra Arjunamurthy

A month after Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth announced that he was quitting politics, the star’s political advisor and co-ordinator of his Rajini Makkal Mandram, Ra Arjunamurthy is all set to announce his new party. According to Arjunamurthy, the new political party is being formed to implement Rajinikanth’s ideas of ushering a much-needed change on the political and governance front in Tamil Nadu. “I’ll bow down at his feet and as he introduced me to the nation I’ll travel along his path. I’ll make his dream come true,” said the former head of the BJP intellectual cell.

Taking to social media, Arjunamurthy said, “Everyone knows that Superstar Rajinikanth introduced me to the nation and in this backdrop, we also know that he could not start a party due to advice from doctors. Along with fans and the people, I am also sad.”

However, he added, “To compensate this, let’s pray to God that his vision to create a change in politics takes place. Also, let us believe that the Superstar’s good intention and his good heart will bring a change like the way he said ‘ipo ilana epodhuthu?’ (if not now, then when?)”

Arjunamurthy, who quit BJP to join Rajinikanth’s party, had said that he would continue to support actor Rajinikanth in his public service when the actor announced his decision to leave politics. Arjunamurthy said that he has two eyes — one is Modi while the other is Rajinikanth — adding that he believes both of them want to do something good for the people of Tamil Nadu and the country.

Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth, who was set to make an important announcement regarding the launch of his political party on December 31, 2020, made a U-turn on December 29 when he announced he would not be joining politics. The superstar took to Twitter and announced that he will not start his political party, due to his health condition. The actor said that he will do whatever he can for the public and apologised to his supporters.

After superstar Rajinikanth withdrew his decision to enter active politics, members of the actor’s fan club staged various protests requesting the actor to reconsider his decision.

Meanwhile, rumour mills were on overdrive suggesting Rajinikanth’s wife, Latha, might take over the leadership and enter the political field herself. Some of Rajinikanth’s fans had demanded that she enter the political fray. While Arjunamurthy's political entry may have fizzled out the rumours, the night is still young. One will just have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

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