Who is turning Kerala into a smuggling hotspot?: Writer TP Rajeevan to Pinarayi government

Novelist TP Rajeevan accused Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of not allowing any other politician to grow or excel and even questioned the Pinarayi government's secret agreements
TP Rajeevan
TP Rajeevan

While interacting with a media organisation, noted Indian novelist and poet TP Rajeevan said that as Assembly elections are around the corner, the slogan claiming that the LDF government will continue to rule in Kerala is nothing, but just a mirage. In fact, fascist behaviour exists within it, he said.

He further said that the continuation of Pinarayi Vijayan as Chief Minister will not allow any other leader to grow or excel. "We can see this fascist behavior in any country where the Communist Party has become a Social Democratic Party", he said.

The novelist accused Pinarayi of not allowing any other politician to grow or excel. He claims that as the State cannot be turned into an independent country, Pinarayi, as a result, is questioning the federal system in the country . Rajeevan said, "This is clear through the moves against agencies like CBI, Customs and ED. The action initiated by the police against ED validates this argument."

Rajeevan also questioned the Pinarayi government's secret agreements. "How many secret agreements have been signed by the Pinarayi government since coming to power? Many of the contracts were cancelled when the forgery was discovered. Pinarayi Vijayan acts as an implementing agency of these kinds of agreements." At a time when cases regarding the smuggling of gold and dollar are unearthed, TP Rajeevan asked who is turning Kerala into a smuggling hotspot?.

When asked about what might be the reason why no one is raising a voice against Pinarayi's rule?, he said, "No one will be able to question if everyone becomes the beneficiary of the party. There is no hope for Congress. However, the reality is that in a world where morals and sense of justice are being lost, everything looks normal."

Rajeevan even expressed dissatisfaction over the way in which the sensational Walayar case was handled. He said, "If the Walayar incident had happened in UP or elsewhere, many mothers in Kerala would have shaved their heads in solidarity with the mother of Walayar girls. No Sharadhakutty or Gracie was seen supporting that mother who wandered through the streets in Kerala demanding justice for her daughters."

When the Pinarayi led LDF government is highlighting their achievements of the last five years ahead of the Assembly elections, Rajeevan stressed that he hasn't seen any of those celebrated achievements in Kerala. He even stated that there are achievements made by the former chief ministers that left their marks, but Pinarayi Vijayan does not have any in the same pattern. "There are such achievements in the times of EMS, Oommen Chandy and VS, which includes new universities, airports and metro rails. All that Pinarayi Vijayan did was some inaugurations. Then advertising through media."

He even said that many like E Sreedharan may join BJP in the future. "BJP has a strong presence in the IT and medical sectors which is because of PM Modi's image branding tactics.

Writer Rajeevan even said that Kerala will be in danger if the LDF government continues to rule Kerala. He said, "What is going to happen in Kerala if LDF comes to power again will be the rule of bureaucracy. If they continue in power, the secretaries and Pinarayi Vijayan will lead the administration. Even an attempt was made to remove KK Shailaja by introducing AK Balan's wife. However, it did not succeed."

He even acknowledged Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala's commitment in the last five years. He said, "Ramesh Chennithala was a lone fighter and the party was not with him. Only PT Thomas has spoken about nature conservation politics."

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