Viral video showcases Kerala Police’s animal friendly side

A video shared by the Kerala Police’s official Twitter handle portrays a kind act by a policeman during heavy rains
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A video released by the Kerala Police of a cop holding an umbrella to dog with the caption ‘We serve…We protect…’ is going viral. In the video, a policeman is seen holding a reddish umbrella for a limping stray during heavy rain. A superimposed text in the video said “There is no need to get wet, there’s an umbrella.”

This is not the first time that the Kerala Police is in the news for its act of kindness. A Kerala policeman won hundreds of hearts with a video that went viral. In the 32-second clip that was posted by Kerala Police on their social media handles, KS Suresh, a homeguard with the Kerala police is seen cradling a child on his shoulder.

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Kerala cop wins hearts in viral video of him cradling a child on his shoulder

According to the post, the seven-months-old baby miraculously escaped an accident at Ramapuram, Kayamkulam. The accident injured the child’s mother and relatives travelling in the vehicle. The family was returning to their home in Kayamkulam when their vehicle collided with a truck. According to certain sources, the child’s elder sister succumbed to injuries. Suresh looked after the child until relatives arrived at the Kayamkulam Medical College where the mother and fellow passengers were admitted.

Netizens praised Suresh for his heartwarming gesture. While one user expressed his appreciation for the rare scene, another claimed he watched it on loop. Several users also posted heart emoticons.

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