Suresh Gopi; Krishna Kumar
Suresh Gopi; Krishna Kumar

Suresh Gopi, Krishna Kumar stay true to party’s manifesto; slam LDF over Sabarimala issue

The BJP had promised legislations to protect the “traditions” of the Sabarimala temple in its manifesto

Film actors and BJP candidates Suresh Gopi and Krishna Kumar, staying true to their party’s manifesto in poll-bound Kerala, have both raised a sharp criticism against the LDF government over the Sabarimala women entry issue. The BJP had promised legislations to protect the “traditions” of the Sabarimala temple in its Kerala manifesto.

Although stating that the Sabarimala is “not a topic for election campaign, but an emotional one”, Suresh Gopi, who is contesting in Thrissur, said the LDF government had committed a grievous mistake by upholding the Supreme Court verdict on the Sabarimala Temple Entry. "The majority of those who are sentimental about Sabarimala are not Hindus. I have found people of Christian community too are concerned about Sabarimala. By upholding the Supreme Court verdict, the government has committed a serious mistake. So, we should democratically destroy them," he said.

Krishna Kumar, who is contesting in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency, meanwhile said that women entering Sabarimala was an ugly event. He added that there are few troll made on him as many feared that he would win the elections.

The Supreme Court (SC) on September 28 had allowed the entry of women irrespective of age into the Temple on the grounds that the ban violated the fundamental right of freedom of religion as per Article 25 of the Constitution. Although there were widespread protests over the SC’s decision, the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan stood firm. He said that his ruling LDF government cannot bring in a legislation to circumvent the Supreme Court’s verdict.

While speaking to the media recently Pinarayi said, “There is no need to discuss Sabarimala now. Now that the assembly election has come, some people have taken a keen interest in the shrine. Their purpose is clear. Just look at it as part of it. The issue was also raised during the local body elections."

When asked about the Left government’s stand on women's entry to Sabarimala, which had become a big controversy in Kerala, he said: "The Supreme Court took a stand on the Sabarimala issue. The top court itself later made some concessions. Now the case is set aside for final judgment and when it comes, the government will then take a decision after consulting with all believers if they have specific opinions. That is something that has been made clear before."

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