Shocking return: 'Dead man' reaches home three months after funeral in Kerala

Sabu, son of late Kunhumon from Kudassanadr, reached home along with his friends three months after the funeral

In a bizarre way, a 35-year-old man who was believed to be dead returned home three months after his funeral in Pandalam. Sabu, son of late Kunhumon from Kudassanadr, reached home along with his friends. Following his return, the police have started a probe to identify the body which was cremated three months back at the church.

Sabu used to visit home occasionally and was engaged in odd jobs such as catering, cleaning of hotel and bus jobs. He was earlier arrested by Thiruvananthapuram police for stealing Rs 46,000 from a hotel in November 2020. However, he went missing and the family had no information about him after the arrest.

On December 24, 2020, an unidentified man died in a car accident at Edappady near Pala. After the incident, in order to identify the dead person, the police had shared the photos of the body with other police stations. Suspecting that Sabu was killed, Thiruvananthapuram police contacted Sabu's brother Saji. Later, even Saji and relatives identified the body as Sabu. After completing procedures, Sabu's family cremated the body at Kudassanadu St.Stephen's Orthodox Church on December 30.

After all this, Sabu returned home after three months on Friday. Muraleedharan, a bus driver, identified Sabu. Saji took Sabu to the Pandalam Police Station after his return. The police had collected samples of the dead body's internal organs for conducting a DNA test. Now, they hope that the result will help them to identify the deceased.

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