Police have taken son who was caught assaulting mother in video into custody

Meanwhile the mother says she will not file a case or make a statement against her son
A grab from the video
A grab from the video

The video of a son brutally hitting his mother has sent shock waves across the state. The Kerala youth has been identified as Razak. The police have taken Razak into custody.

In the video which went viral on social media, Razak is caught hurling abuses, brutally beating and stamping his mother in an intoxicated state. The incident, which was shot by Razak’s sister, occurred on December 10. She shared the video to their relatives in West Asia. Although the mother has told the police that she will not file a complaint or speak against her son, according to Thiruvananthpuram Rural SP, a case will be booked in connection with the incident.

A grab from the video
A grab from the video

Meanwhile just last week Attingal resident Sunilkumar was arrested after a video of him brutally hitting his children went viral on the Internet. A case has been registered against him as per Juvenile Justice Act for physically assaulting his daughter and son using 'eerkil' or the rib of coconut fronds in an inebriated state. According to police officials many people have demanded Sunilkumar’s arrest upon watching video which depicts an intoxicated Sunilkumar hitting his children. The Kerala Police had sought help through its Facebook page to identify the culprit

The two minute long video was shot by his wife who reportedly shared it in their family group. The wife can be heard pleading him not to hit the children in the background.

The wife however addressing the media said that her husband is not the kind of man to abuse them and that he works hard to provide for the family. “My husband is not a person like that. He has not beaten us till now. My daughter cried out exaggeratedly when she saw me shoot the video. I am sick and he works hard to meet my medical expenses.”

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