Pinarayi to see TP Chandrasekharan's legacy alive in Kerala Assembly, says RMPI leader KK Rema

Revolutionary Marxist Party of India (RMPI) leader KK Rema won the Kerala Assembly polls by a margin of 7014 votes from Vadakara
KK Rema
KK Rema

Despite a great victory in the Kerala Assembly election, RMPI leader KK Rema said that RMP's MLA from Vadakara will annoy Pinarayi Vijayan. She said that there will be a strong voice against murder politics in Kerala Assembly. Rema, the wife of slain leader TP Chandrasekharan said, "Pinarayi will soon see TP Chandrasekharan's legacy alive in the Kerala Assembly."

The RMP leader said that the Vadakkara verdict was against violent politics. She said that they will fight against those who eliminate the ones who speak against the CM and government. "This victory belongs to TP," she said.

Revolutionary Marxist Party of India (RMPI) leader KK Rema won the Kerala Assembly polls by a margin of 7014 votes from Vadakara. The victory marks a historic moment in Vadakara which witnessed the brutal murder of TP Chandrasekharan, Rema's husband. On May 4, 2012, Chandrasekharan was brutally murdered at Vallikkunnu near Vadakara.

Rema won the election against LDF candidate Manayath Chandra with the support of UDF. Rema's candidature has challenged LDF's chances of victory in the seat. In 2012, TP Chandrasekharan was hacked to death and the murder has created political turmoil in the state. Rema had accused top CPM leaders including Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, were part of the conspiracy to kill Chandrasekharan, which had put CPM in the dock. Later, twelve people including three CPM leaders were convicted for the murder.

Meanwhile, the mother of Walayar girls said that she will continue the protest till justice is served. She said, "What the government had done is cheating. There is no government intervention in the CBI investigation."

While interacting with a media organisation, she said that the CBI believes that the girls were murdered. She even said that the votes she amassed against Pinarayi Vijayan are still a great achievement for her. The mother of Walayar girls who contested against Pinarayi Vijayan in the Dharmadam constituency gathered nearly 1000 votes.

In 2017, two minor Dalit sisters, aged 13 and nine, were found hanging inside their one-room home 52 days apart and post-mortem examinations had confirmed that the minors were subjected to sexual assault before their deaths.

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