Passenger attacks woman bus conductor; Rs 9.40 lakh seized from train passengers to Karunagapally

A woman KSRTC bus conductor was attacked when she asked a passenger the luggage fare; three passengers on the Palaruvi Express were arrested for unaccounted cash
V Roshni (L); the police with the three accused
V Roshni (L); the police with the three accused

V Roshni, a woman KSRTC bus conductor was attacked by a passenger as he was irked that she demanded luggage fare.

The police have arrested Omprakash, a native of Rajasthan, for attacking her. It is said that it was the fellow passengers on the bus who blocked and handed Omprakash over to the police.

The incident occurred on a KRSTC fast passenger that heading to Kollam from Thiruvananthapuram. Omprakash who boarded the bus from Attingal took a seat in the front after placing his luggage in the back. Omprakash is said to have not replied when Roshni, on noticing the luggage, asked the passengers who it belonged to. When Omprakash was alighting the bus at Chinnakada with the luggage, Roshni is said to have asked him for the fare for a luggage ticked. An irked Omprakash supposedly yelled and attacked the conductor. According to Roshni, it was the fellow passenger that helped rescue her from the attack. Roshni who sustained injuries from the attack is admitted at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. The Kollam East Police have registered a case over the incident and the court has remanded the accused.

Meanwhile, Rs 9.40 lakh was seized from three train passengers travelling on the Palaruvi Express at the Kollam Railway Station. The arrested are Ranjith Kumbar, Prashant Kanaji and Hanumanth. Post-election, the police had started intensifying inspections. Special teams have been formed to check if money and intoxicants were being smuggled into the state.

Part of the unaccounted money was first discovered in Ranjith’s shoulder bag. According to the trio, a person from Tiruchendur had given them the money and had asked them to hand it over to a person at the Karunugapally railway station. They however refused to say who the money was from and to whom they were supposed to deliver the money to.

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