KM Shaji
KM Shaji

Need more time to produce proof for Rs.47 lakh recovered, says Kerala IUML MLA KM Shaji

Meanwhile, the probe team may hand over the information regarding the case so far to the Kozhikode Vigilance Court today

Kerala IUML MLA KM Shaji MLA sought two more days to show the source of Rs 47 lakh recovered by vigilance from his house. Earlier, Shaji had said that the election expenses were collected from the common man and the receipts would be produced as proof.

He even requested some time for the collection of receipts. Shaji also said that he would present more evidence to clear the doubts regarding his property's information. Meanwhile, reportedly, the probe team may hand over the information regarding the case so far to the Kozhikode Vigilance Court today.

At the same time, the vigilance team investigating the disproportionate property case against KM Shaji was expanded. The team was expanded as it has to examine a large number of documents and evidence related to the case. The Vigilance team is examining all the revenue and expenditure figures of KM Shaji since the first time he was elected to the Kerala Assembly in 2011. A detailed investigation into Shaji's and his relatives' assets and bank transactions is under consideration. Value of the property including his house will also be examined.

On April 12, the VACB conducted raids at Shaji’s homes at Kannur and Kozhikode. According to reports, the raids began after the VACB Kozhikode unit had earlier registered a case against the MLA for accumulating assets disproportionate to the known sources of income. The VACB informed the Vigilance Court that Shaji’s wealth has increased by 166% over his income. The raids began at 7 am and ended at 11 pm.

However, Shaji said that he has documents proving the source of the money seized from his homes during the Vigilance raid. He alleged that Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan wants to take revenge on him through the vigilance raids.

“Despite Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s police chasing after me with constant raids, I kept the money at home as it was accounted. I do not own any illegal assets,” Shaji said, adding that he can place the documents to prove the source of money before any probe agency.

The UDF candidate claimed that the VACB is conducting a prejudiced investigation against him. Shaji said that he could not deposit the money as the bank was closed for three consecutive days. “Since I am contesting in the elections, the Vigilance team reached my house under the impression that I will have money. They must return the money taken from me as it is legal,” he said.

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