Mizoram Governor and former BJP Kerala President Sreedharan Pillai to return to Kerala?

Mizoram Governor and former BJP Kerala President Sreedharan Pillai
Mizoram Governor and former BJP Kerala President Sreedharan PillaiFacebook

In a Facebook post on October 26, the former BJP Kerala President expressed nostalgia for his time as a lawyer and expressed that he felt as if his advocate gown was calling out to him. Yesterday marked a year since his appointment as Mizoram governor, and in his post, he talks about how the media claimed, “Mizoram, now, is a dumping place for Hindu fundamentalists.”
He added that he was indifferent to the congratulatory messages he received from the former and current Mizoram Chief Ministers following the launch of his books in August. However, he said, “I am happy to have given my love to Mizoram, and receive love from them.”
In the post, he claimed that his nostalgia began with a call from his son Advocate Arjun, who said that two senior prosecutors from the High Court Division Bench had called the latter to congratulate his father. The two prosecutors had been studying for an appeal in a Palakkad murder case, where Sreedharan Pillai had appeared for the accused.
He expressed happiness for not having stopped his legal services altogether and had only suspended it for a while. This post might be indicative of how the Mizoram Governor might be planning a return to Kerala, similar to how Kummanam Rajasekharan who had held similar ranks as Sreedharan Pillai once did. Kummanam had resigned from his post as Mizoram’s governor and returned to Kerala to contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha election from Thiruvananthapuram. We will have to wait and see whether Sreedharan Pillai will return to Kerala, and what his next step will be.

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