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Kochi theft case accused kills accomplice to destroy evidence in a filmy style crime

Dinoy and Joby were co-accused in a theft case that happened on New Year at Elamakkara’s Puthukkalavattam, and the former murdered the latter to prevent the police from finding evidence against him

On Wednesday, Kochi police discovered a burnt body at the Pullepady railway track, and their investigation on the matter led to the arrest of Fort Kochi-native Dinoy. The latter revealed that he had murdered and burnt Joby as part of an effort to destroy evidence. The instance pertains to a theft case on New Year’s evening at Elamakkara’s Puthukkalavattam, where Dinoy and Joby were co-accused.

On Wednesday, at around noon, the locals found the completely burnt body of Joby at Pullepady railway track in Ernakulam. A lighter and a bottle of petrol were also found near the body.

Initially, Dinoy stated that he murdered Joby following a dispute over sharing the loot. Following further questioning, he confessed that he had killed Joby because the police had obtained the latter’s fingerprints from the scene of the theft. By murdering Joby, Dinoy was trying to prevent the police from identifying him in the case. Sulu, Pradeep and Manilal, are the other co-accused in the theft case, and they have been arrested and questioned, said police officials.

Dinoy is the nephew of the owner of the house where the burglary took place on New Year’s evening at Elamakkara. Along with his friends, Dinoy planned the theft on the day when the family left to attend his sister’s wedding.

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