Kerala MLA PC George says India should be declared "Hindu Rashtra", 'love jihad' is real

According to PC George, the LDF and UDF parties have tied up with terrorists to make India an Islamic nation
PC George
PC George

Kerala MLA PC George seems to be still stuck on a campaign mode despite it being the end of the election season. The MLA for Poonjar has landed himself in controversy once again as he announced that India should be declared a Hindu nation.

The 69-year-old claimed that Muslims have been encroaching into Christian nations and making them Islamic nations.

Speaking at a function organised by HRDS India, an NGO for tribal welfare, at Thodupuzha in Kerala's Idukki, George said India must be declared a "Hindu Rashtra [Hindu nation]" as Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030. He allegedly claimed that the demonetisation snapped the financial channels, which delayed the move to create an 'Islamic nation'.

"Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030...[it] was delayed due to the demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi," George said.

He said the Left- and Congress-led fronts in Kerala, have teamed up with terrorists to convert India into an Islamic nation. The fronts’ intention was to protect their vested interests, he said.

The MLA, differing from the Supreme Court’s observation to the contrary, also said that he was sure love jihad, the suspected fraudulent marriages to convert people from other religions, was on in Kerala. "How far will this go? SC has said there is no love jihad. I know love jihad is real, I will say there is 'love jihad. When I'm saying where we are headed, don't misunderstand. There is only one solution to put an end to this. Respected Bharath [India] must be declared a Hindu Rashtra," George said.

George seems to enjoy courting controversy. In 2018, the seven-time MLA was in the news when he shifted the blame on a Kerala nun who had accused a Jalandhar-based bishop of raping her, calling her a ‘prostitute’. He also threatened the Women’s Commission, created ruckus at a toll plaza and slapped an employee of the MLA hostel.

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