Kerala govt to fulfil PSC protestors’ demands; Ramesh Chennithala allege that it is to save face

The state’s agreement to their proposal have inspired the LGS rank holders to withdraw their protest, but the LDF government added that it depends on their discussion with the Election Commission
A scene from the PSC protests
A scene from the PSC protestsSocial Media

Kerala Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala has alleged that the LDF government’s decision regarding the protesting PSC rank holders is a strategy to save their face. Following his meeting with protestors, Cultural Minister AK Balan said that they would try to fulfil every demand after discussing with the Election Commission since the model code of conduct is in place. However, Ramesh Chennithala alleges that this decision is merely an effort to save their face and not to fulfil demands.

Following their meeting, the minister agreed to fulfil the PSC-Last Grade Servant rank holders' six demands and thus they have withdrawn their protest. The LGS protestors thanked everyone who supported them in their protest and they are hopeful about the state offers.

The demands are that the state government would file hopeful vacancies to the PSC in LGS; more openings would be made by promoting existing employees; temporarily promoting existing employees; officer-level committee to probe; reducing working hours of night watchman duty to eight hours thereby creating more vacancies; reduce difficulties in reporting Civil Police Officers (CPO) vacancies.

However, CPO rank holders will continue their protest without resigning an inch. While the state government has invited them for discussions, the ministers opine that they can’t do anything more about the CPO rank list.

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