Kerala Assembly polls: LDF manifesto promises housewives' pension, 40L job opportunities for youth

In their manifesto, the Left Front has said that Rs 5,000 crore has been set aside for coastal protection and development
A Vijayaraghavan
A Vijayaraghavan

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) has released its manifesto ahead of the Kerala Assembly elections. The ruling front has promised 40 lakh jobs for youths, pension will be provided to housewives and a Rs 10,000 crore electricity project to ensure power security in Kerala until 2040.

The LDF manifesto is divided into two parts. CPI (M) convenor A Vijayaraghavan said after taking popular issues that the manifesto was prepared with an aim at continuity in governance. He said that the Left promises that there will be a 50% increase in income from the agriculture sector.

In their manifesto, the LDF has said that Rs 5,000 crore has been set aside for coastal protection and development. If elected to power, the LDF will increase welfare pension to Rs 2,500 per month. The manifesto also says 1.5 lakh houses for the poor under the LDF’s housing scheme. The Left said that Rs 60,000 crore worth infrastructure developmental projects will be implemented if LDF returns to power.

The LDF has also promised to ensure that the health and education sector meets international standards. The Left has also promised that attention would be given to protect language and culture. If elected, they would take strict measures to protect secularism in Kerala. The LDF has also promised that Kerala banks will be developed to accept Non-Resident Indian (NRI) deposits. The Left Front has promised to raise the price of rubber to Rs 250 per kg.

Kerala will head to polls on April 6 and, according to various pre-poll surveys, the LDF is likely to retain power in the state.

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