Kerala Assembly election: Rahul Gandhi believes Nyay Yojana will help remove poverty from state

Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi believes that through Nyay Yojana, the economy of Kerala will move forward and the state will continue to progress
Rahul Gandhi
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Wayanad MP and senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has reiterated his promise that if the United Democratic Front (UDF) is voted to power, it will put money in the hands of poor people through the Nyay Yojana.

As the Assembly election campaigning in Kerala is coming to a close today, Rahul visited his home constituency of Wayanad. During a UDF meeting in Mananthavady, Rahul said, “The UDF is proposing something revolutionary. Something that has never been tried in any Indian State before. The idea is very simple. The idea is to put money directly into the hands of the poorest people in Kerala.”

Rahul Gandhi
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The Senior Congress leader has been pushing for Nyay Yojana in Kerala since he began campaigning in the state. Rahul believes that through Nyay Yojana, the economy of Kerala will move forward and the state will continue to develop.

“Every poor person in Kerala is going to get Rs 6,000 per month, which in turn will become Rs 72,000 a year. The UDF will put money into his bank account every month without fail,” Rahul said.

The Wayanad MP began the final day of campaigning in Kerala by offering prayers at the ancient Lord Mahavishnu Temple in Thirunelli. Rahul immersed an urn containing the ashes of his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Papanasini, a stream connected to the famous temple dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu.

Yesterday, at a meeting in Kozhikode, Rahul explained the UDF’s plan to start the economy of the state. “Millions of people in Kerala will have money in their pocket through Nyay. These people would then buy different items from shops, which would lead to a massive demand for those products. When there is a massive demand for products, people will start producing those products. Closed factories will open and manufacture things that you are buying and thus creating employment for youths. This is how the economy will move forward,” Rahul said.

He added that the Nyay Yojana would solve three problems. “Firstly, it will solve poverty problems. There would be no poor people in Kerala after Nyay Yojana. Secondly, it will solve unemployment and third, the economic problem in the state,” he said.

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