Goodbye to license if pillion rider not wearing helmet in Kerala

The license will be suspended even if the driver pays the fine, and can only be retrieved after attending a refresher course
Goodbye to license if pillion rider not wearing helmet in Kerala

According to the latest amendment made in the Central Motor Vehicle Act, transport officials have the right to suspend the license of the person driving a two-wheeler if the pillion rider isn’t wearing a helmet. The suspension is for three months, and will not be revoked even if the driver pays the fine. While the Act decided the fine to be at Rs. 1,000, the state government imposes Rs. 500 fine. A person whose license has been suspended will have to attend a driver refresher course.

Transport Commissioner MR Ajith Kumar has informed officials about the new amendment. He added that when these conditions were implemented in a single location in Malappuram, the number of helmet users increased and accidental death rates increased by 40 per cent. The rules mentioning that pillion riders have to wear helmets compulsorily became active from December last year. The rule was met with wide spread dissatisfaction, but the transport department assured that it was for the safety of all passengers.

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