Five-year-old hospitalised with skull fracture, internal bleeding after assault by uncle

This has been a recurring incident for the five-year-old Assam resident in Idukki, and the situation took a turn for the worse yesterday
Five-year-old hospitalised with skull fracture, internal bleeding after assault by uncle

A five-year-old Assam resident, currently residing in Idukki, was rushed to a hospital in Thodupuzha on Saturday. Scans revealed that the child suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding. The incident shed light on the violence the child was facing from his uncle for some time now.

Eyewitnesses report that the uncle arrived at the boy’s home and assaulted him by throwing him onto the ground. While there were no initial injuries, the child reported vomiting and pain by the end of the night. The hospital authorities at the private hospital in Thodupuzha said that the child is currently stable although his condition was worse on arrival. Scans revealed a skull fracture and internal bleeding. When the hospital authorities inquired as to how the boy sustained such a gruesome injury, the boy's father said that the child fell. After the matter came to light, Thodupuzha police have taken the culprit into custody.

The boy and his family are from Undaplavvil in Idukki. His father and uncle are woodcutters working in the nearby fields. The neighbors and family mentioned that the culprit always attacked the boy. During one such incident, Asha workers and health officials, who were there for another reason, censured the boy's uncle and urged the family to report the incident to authorities. However, the family did not file any report against the uncle.

After the child hospitalized and the assault came to light, one of the neighbors reported the incident to the local councillor, and the latter informed the police. Police rushed to the spot and took the boy's uncle into custody. Police are also probing into the previous incidents.

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Five-year-old hospitalised with skull fracture, internal bleeding after assault by uncle
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