Family alleges ‘love jihad’ after woman goes missing; police says cannot confirm claim without proof

Anjali, a 21-year-old college graduate left her home on April 19. In a letter, she informed that she was going to her ‘ikka’ and is getting married to him
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For representation purpose

The family of 21-year-old Anjali has alleged ‘love jihad’ after the young woman left her house in Kasaragod on April 19. However, police investigating the case have said that they cannot confirm the allegations until the investigation is done.

”People call it 'love jihad' when a Hindu girl goes with a Muslim man. We cannot confirm that it is the case until we obtain proof,” Ambalathara inspector Rajeevan Valiyavalappil told a news agency. The Ambalathara police registered a case after Anjali’s father filed a complaint, however, they are still searching for the young woman. Reportedly, Anjali was staying at home after graduating from a college in Kanhangad.

According to reports, Anjali was to get married on April 25 (today). A letter was found in Anjali’s room after her disappearance, informing that she is going to her lover and is getting married to him. “I’m going with my Ikka (husband). Our ‘nikah’ (wedding) will take place the next day,” the letter read.

After she went missing, the family contacted her friends to find out details about Anjali’s boyfriend and her whereabouts. However, they did not receive any information. The young woman told her family that she was going to Kanhangad when she left home on April 19. Police said that Anjali’s mobile phone was on till she reached Kolathur. However, her phone has been switched off after that. The cyber police are also helping in the investigation. The police are focussing their efforts on finding out the identity of the ‘ikka’ written in Anjali’s letter.

'Love Jihad' has become a term loosely used when a Hindu girl marries or flees with a Muslim man. The term was first used by rightwing groups and rightwing political parties in India to spread hate and fear. There have several incidents across India where people have used the term 'love jihad' to harass inter-faith couples.

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