Diya comes in support of father, actor-politician Krishna Kumar, says, one election cant kill people

Netizens are making jibes at BJP candidate Krishna Kumar's defeat at the recently held Kerala Assembly elections on his children's social media handles
Diya comes in support of father, actor-politician Krishna Kumar, says, one election cant kill people

It would seem that actor-politician Krishnakumar is the butt of netizen jokes once again following his humiliating defeat in the recently held Kerala Legislative Assembly Elections.

LDF candidate Antony Raju, Janadhipathya Kerala Congress leader won by 7146 votes in Thiruvananthapuram. He defeated V S Sivakumar of the congress. Krishna Kumar, the BJP candidate, came in third.

Krishna Kumar had become a subject to online troll when an interview of his daughter, actress Ahaana Krishna admitting that beef and rice is her favourite dish at home emerged on social media during his campaign period.

Apart from the video, Ahaana’s Instagram post on December 2020 also went going viral on social media platforms. The picture had tall containers holding a variety of dishes. One of the containers held beef curry. Her caption for the picture read, “Whenever My Mamma sees good food , she thinks of Me. Whenever I see good food , I think of Mamma. Today I miss Mamma because I would have loved to share this lunch with her and she would have loved it !!!!”

Kumar was contesting from the Trivandrum central constituency in the recently held Assembly Polls in Kerala. In an interview with a news channel, the BJP leader said that he was in support to the beef ban. He said that a cow is a like a mother to us and that cows should not be slaughtered as we drink its milk.

Social media had a field day. In fact, a Twitter user fused both Kumar’s statement and Ahaana’s interview and released a meme video that went viral.

Now, upon Krishna Kumar’s defeat in the election, many are mocking the actor on social media, with some taking jibes on even his children’s social media handles.

What’s currently gone viral though is his daughter Diya Krishnan’s reply to a hater. To a person who asked Diya, “Your father is fine right?,” she replied, “One election cannot kill people, but the Corona can therefore safely continue at home.” Krishna Kumar’s wife, Sindhu, also came in support of her husband. She said that he did his best and that she is proud of him. She also said that his constituency does not deserve him.

Unlike most other States in India, movie stars in Kerala aren’t that active in politics. However, there are always exceptions. In the recently contested Kerala Legislative Assembly elections, actors Mukesh and Ganesh Kumar, both representing the LDF, got elected from Kollam and Pathanapuram respectively. Actor Dharmajan Bolghatty, who contested on a Congress ticked from Balussery, lost and so did BJP candidates actors Suresh Gopi, Vivek Gopan and Krishna Kumar.


Kamal Haasan's elder daughter, Shruti Haasan, shared a message for her father on Instagram after her father, Kamal Haasan defeat in Coimbatore South. "Always so proud of my Appa," wrote Shruti Haasan, sharing a picture of her father on Instagram Stories. She also added the hashtags #Terminator and #TheFighter to her Story.

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