DCP Divya Gopinath assigned to get to the root of the Kadakkavoor POCSO case

While the son claims his mother abused him, the mother says her estranged husband coerced her son in saying so
DCP Divya Gopinath assigned to get to the root of the Kadakkavoor POCSO case

Deputy Commissioner of Police Thiruvananthapuram Divya Gopinath will be handling the probe of the case of ‘sexual abuse’ of a minor boy by his mother. DGP Loknath Behra issued the order in this regard.

The Kerala High Court had recently granted bail to the child’s mother. The woman, accused in what is known as the Kadakkavoor POCSO case, at a news conference, said that her husband had fabricated the allegation that she had sexually assaulted her son. According to the woman, her estranged husband, who used to beat the children, had wanted custody of their son. She said that he may have threatened her son to speak against her when she refused to grant him custody. She claimed to not know about the pills the police claimed she had given her son. Her son, she said, had allergies and she was giving him medicines prescribed by the doctor. The police had claimed that they had received a particular medicine administered to the child from the woman's house. There was also mention of incriminating evidence being recovered from the woman's mobile phone, but the woman denied any knowledge on this matter.

The Kadakkavoor police had filed a case against the woman on December 18 based on the complaint of her estranged husband, who claimed that he came to know of the incident from the boy himself. According to reports, the incident allegedly took place in 2018. When the couple separated over domestic issues, three children went to live with the father while the youngest child was left with the woman.

The incident came to light when the kids joined their father, who is working in the Middle East. The police said the boy, who was abused, told the matter to a religious scholar. The scholar conveyed this matter to the child’s father, who on return to the state contacted the police. The woman was arrested on December 22 and was lodged at the Attakulangara jail until January 22, when the High Court granted her bail. The woman has been living separately from her husband due to supposed domestic abuse. Her youngest son told the media that the father would beat him and had even threatened him to give a similar statement to that of his brother.

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