CPM, BJP are same as they indulge in division and hate politics, says Rahul Gandhi as campaign ends

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said the UDF will come to power in will come to power and implement the Nyay Yojana to end poverty in Kerala
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul GandhiIndian National Congress

On the final day of campaigning, Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has slammed the BJP and CPM for indulging in division and hate politics. He said both parties are the same. “The Left does same division that the BJP does, they spread same hatred. It is quite interesting to me that the Prime Minister spends every single day saying ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ but never says ‘CPM-mukt Bharat or CPM-mukt Kerala’,” Rahul said at a meeting in Poojappura.

The Senior Congress leader also pointed out how the BJP brings down elected state governments. “In every single state government where BJP is not present, the Prime Minister uses the CBI and Enforcement Directorate to overthrow or attack the government. I want to understand why they are not doing that to Left Front in Kerala,” he said.

Rahul alleged that there is open corruption in Kerala and the Centre is doing nothing about it. “There is open corruption taking place in Kerala. I don’t expect the LDF government to investigate it, but why is the BJP government at the Centre not investigating it? Because the BJP has only one goal and that is to eliminate the Congress,” he alleged.

Rahul also said that the United Democratic Front (UDF) will come to power and implement the Nyay Yojana to end poverty in Kerala. “UDF is coming to power and Nyay is going to happen in Kerala. Nyay will remove poverty and give jobs to all Keralites. It is a Malayali solution. It is an intelligent solution," he said, adding that the state and the country can no longer afford the BJP.

The senior Congress leader also pointed out that the state’s biggest problem is reflected in the protests by the youth before the secretariat. “The BJP-led central government and the LDF-led state government have failed the youth. The BJP has made the nation a laughing stock and has destroyed the economy,” he said.

Rahul explained what Congress is and what it stands for. “Congress is not an organization. It is an idea just like Kerala,” he said, continuing, “Kerala is not a state but an idea and a way of looking at the world. The BJP isn’t worried about Congress. It is worried about the idea of togetherness, sameness, affection, respect and ability to see another person’s pain just like Kerala,” he said. Rahul added that the BJP isn’t worried about the Left Front because it is just like them.

Rahul’s address in the state finished just before the Election Commission’s campaign deadline. Kerala will go to polls on April 6 and the results will be announced on May 2.

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