Covid-19: Kerala Health Min KK Shailaja urges vigilance during Christmas and New Year celebrations

With the spike in Covid-19 cases after the recently concluded local body elections and the discovery of the new Covid strain has put the state government on high alert
Covid-19: Kerala Health Min KK Shailaja urges vigilance during Christmas and New Year celebrations

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja is urging everyone in the state to remain vigilant after a new Covid-19 strain was discovered in the UK. On Wednesday, a high committee meeting had been convened to assess the Covid-19 situation in Kerala. The health minister said, “The variant virus is 70% more contagious than the current Covid-19 virus. Also, studies are underway on the severity of the new variant.”

She added that people must remain vigilant during Christmas and New Year celebrations. “The number of Covid-19 cases in the state has increased after the conclusion of local body elections,” Shailaja said, adding that for the past year, the Kerala government has been working hard to control the spread of Covid-19. “Due to the hard work of the health workers in the state, we were able to avoid the crisis of ventilators and beds effectively,” Shailaja said.

“Kerala reported the first coronavirus case in the country. Elderly people and many other sick people are in large numbers in the state. If the new strain comes to the state, it will worsen the situation of the elderly and sick. More attention must be paid to them. We can save people’s lives only if each individual adheres to the situation. The virus has caused a variety of health problems, even for healthy people,” Shailaja said.

When it came to international passengers, the health minister has said that those travelling from European nations including the United Kingdom will be identified and monitored for 14 days. “Those in quarantine must strictly follow guidelines. Medical officials in the state will be constantly monitoring the situation. All employees must also follow safety standards. We are ensuring the availability of medicines, life-saving equipment and safety equipment,” Shailaja said.

The health minister added that surveillance at the airports and seaports would be strengthened further. With the discovery of the new Covid-19 strain, testing will be strengthened for passengers travelling from Europeans countries.

Besides, for the first time in 36 years, the famous Cochin Carnival, Kerala’s biggest annual year-end celebration, has been called off due to rise in Covid-19 cases following the local body elections in the state.

Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry has said that until a designated laboratory in the country identifies the new strain, till then it is incorrect to say that the new strain has entered India. While some reports are indicating that Kerala could be having cases caused by the new Covid strain, the health ministry has made it clear that no such cases have been reported so far.

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