CBI confirms that Balabhasker died in the road accident

Polygraph test results reveal that witness Kalabhavan Soby lied to CBI officials

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has concluded that violinist Balabhaskar died of injuries from the road accident, after the agency failed to receive new information from polygraph tests. The Court had granted permission to conduct polygraph tests on Arjun, Kalabhavan Soby, Vishnu Somasundaram and Prakasan Thampi in connection with the late violinist’s death.

Soby, in a statement to the probe team, said that he had witnessed a group of people attack and kill Balabhaskar before the accident. Arjun, Balabhaskar's driver, however, said the violinist was behind the wheels of the car when the accident occurred. Meanwhile Balabhaskar’s wife, Lakshmi, and other witnesses claim Arjun was the one driving during the accident.

The CBI team decided to conduct the test after discovering discrepancies in their statements. The polygraph tests revealed that both Arjun and Soby lied to the officials. While the evidence confirmed that the violinist died as a result of the road accident, CBI officials concluded that Arjun was the one behind the wheels based on the test results. The test also revealed that Soby lied about the alleged attack on Balabhaskar’s vehicle.

CBI has been investigating the involvement of Prakash and Vishnu, who have been named as accused in Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling racket. The members of Balabhaskar’s music troupe ‘Big Band’ and musician Ishaan Dev were interrogated and their statements were recorded by the CBI.

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